Steve Effros, Chair 07-01-19
Brant Baber 03-01-21

Marilyn Stoney 07-01-20
William Ridenour 03-04-22

Jeff Stein 03-04-23

The Board of Zoning Appeals ("BZA") is a semi-judicial body whose members are recommended by the Town Council of Clifton and ultimately appointed by the Circuit Court of Fairfax, Virginia. The board may hear and rule on appeals of zoning recommendations made by the Town of Clifton Planning Commission, and grant zoning code variances. The BZA schedules public meetings and/or hearings upon receiving a duly submitted application.

If any party is not satisfied with the decision of the Board, an appeal may be filed with the Circuit Court of Fairfax County within 30 days after the issuance of the Board’s decision on the matter.