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For the May 7, 2024 Public Hearings on the Budget and Other Ordinance Amendments:
Proposed FY2025 Budget for Advertising, Proposed Amendment to Ch. 8 (Cigarette Tax), Proposed Amendment to Ch. 16 (Meals Tax)
2024 BPOL Application
Adopted FY2024 Budget 
Town Park Rental Application/Agreement. Groups of 11 or more must obtain Town permission and abide by the stated rules.


Small Town Leading Big Change in Recycling
The Town of Clifton, VA (estimated population 280) has received a Virginia State
Department of Environmental Quality Grant to recycle everything


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Clifton has maintained the charm and feeling of a Norman Rockwell painting. The town has been around since the 1700's—initially as a plantation and earlier as Indian hunting grounds. The railroad started Clifton on its way to the town we know. The Civil War played an important part in the journey also. During the war Clifton was known as Devereux Station. In 1868 Devereux Station became known as Clifton Station. In 1869 a Post Office was established and the town started growing with stores, schools and a community feeling. On March 10, 1902 Clifton Station was established as a town by Charter from the General Assembly.

The small town of about 200, affectionately referred to as the “Brigadoon” of Virginia, has been favored by US Presidents (Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes and Theodore Roosevelt.), First Ladies (Nancy Reagan), Supreme Court justices, Congressmen, Senators, and other notable Washington celebrities.

Local Attractions
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