The Board of Zoning Appeals ("BZA") is a governmental body of the Town of Clifton established pursuant to Section 15.2-2308 of the Virginia Code, whose members are appointed by the Circuit Court of Fairfax, Virginia. The Board is authorized to hear and rule on appeals of zoning determinations made by and notices of zoning violations given by the Town of Clifton Zoning Administrator, and to grant zoning code variances to the extent authorized by Virginia law.

Officers and Expiration Dates of Appointment:
Brant Baber, Chair, 03-01-21 or until successor is appointed
Marilyn Stoney, Vice-Chair, 07-01-25 or until successor is appointed
William Ridenour, Secretary, 03-04-22 or until successor is appointed  

Members and Expiration Dates of Appointment:
Jeff Stein, 03-04-23 or until successor is appointed
Jim Franca, term ending 07-01-24

Contact:  Secretary -
Adopted By-Laws and Rules of Procedure
Zoning Violations - Appeals from a notice of zoning violation or a written order as to a zoning determination are required to be taken within 30 days after the later of the date (i) of the decision by the Zoning Administrator that is appealed from, and (ii) a statement informing the recipient that he may have a right to appeal the notice of a zoning violation or a written order is sent by registered mail to, or posted at, the last known address or usual place of abode of the property owner.  Appeals are taken by filing with the Zoning Administrator and the Board a notice of appeal specifying the grounds thereof.   
Variances - Virginia law imposes strict standards on the Board for determining whether a variance is authorized.  Please refer to the standards summarized in the application form and recognize that the Board only is permitted to authorize a variance if those standards are satisfied, and that the burden of proving satisfaction rests on the applicant.  
Applications - Appeals and applications for variances from the zoning code requirements must be made by completing, signing and submitting one original and four copies of a completed executed application and a fee in the amount required by the application by check, made out to the Town of Clifton Board of Zoning Appeals, to the Secretary of the Board at P.O. Box 309, Clifton, Virginia 20124, and delivering one copy of a completed application to the Clerk of the Town of Clifton.  A copy of the completed application also should be emailed to the Secretary of the Board at the email address specified above.  The form of application is available here.  
Process - The BZA will schedule a public hearing as rapidly as practicable after receiving a duly submitted application and the application fee, but not later than 90 days after receiving the appeal.  Virginia law requires that a notice of hearing be published once a week for two successive weeks in some newspaper published or having general circulation in the Clifton area; specifying the time and place of hearing at which persons affected may appear and present their views.  The hearing is required to be held not less than five days nor more than 21 days after the second advertisement appears in such newspaper.  In addition, notices of hearing are required to be mailed by first class mail to the owners or the occupants of abutting property and property immediately across the street or road from the property which is the subject of a hearing.  The Board will render its final decision on the appeal at the conclusion of the hearing.   Appeal - Any person or persons jointly or severally aggrieved by any decision of the Board, or any aggrieved taxpayer or any officer, department, board or bureau of the locality, within 30 days after the final decision of the Board, may file with the clerk of the Circuit Court of Fairfax County a petition that shall be styled "In Re: [date] Decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals of the Town of Clifton, Virginia," specifying the grounds on which aggrieved.  If not filed by that date, no appeal of the Board’s final decision will be available.